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About the Blog

A great many rifts and upheavals in German history are reflected in the life of Richard Wagner and in the reception of his works. But Wagner has also left his mark on the lives of many people all over the world today.

The Goethe-Instituts and their various partners in each country are taking the occasion of Wagner’s bicentenary in 2013 to view the composer through the prism of the present day and age. The perspectives we’ve collected are personal, subjective, international and multimedia.

In addition to close to 50 international contributions which we’ll be posting here on a rolling basis over the next few months, three authors will be rounding out this blogsite with a wide and rich range of content. This troika of bloggers will announce and comment on bicentenary-related events all over the world, whilst taking up readers’ feedback and sounding out Wagnerian libretti for their aptitude as German-learning aids ... and a whole lot more. The three expert bloggers’ identities will be divulged when the blog winds down at the end of August. For the time being, they are:

Ringo Gnarr, a Bohemo-Bavarian picture worm, used to think Richard Wagner was King Louis’ helicopter pilot. Now that he has been disabused of that particular fallacy, he is hoping to achieve greater glory in the dubious art of thinking with the heart and feeling with the brain.

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Sieghart Brinegar, Wagner’s great-great-grandson, a scion of the composer’s liaison with a poodle breeder from Riga. Due to ring relations in his pedigree, his language skills have developed most favourably compared to his physical abilities. He is making the most of this year to get to the bottom of the mystery of his birth.

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The Lady of Lohengrill “... with fleshy fingers nimbly nudges the rutting roast and with surging salaciousness brings on the bangers ...”. Whether it’s the Twilight of the Gods meat platter, the Wotan skewer or the Imperial black-white-and-red chips – your wish is the Lady of Lohengrill’s command. What preoccupies the Lady of Lohengrill is how to make money out of Wagner in today’s flailing economy. Will the patently greasy landlady find an easy patent remedy?

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