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Whether it's in Nairobi or in Kyiv, in Bristol or in Cairo: in all the major cities of Africa and Europe, people get together in dedicated spaces to dance to music and party – and create communities, subcultures and public spheres. Club culture is a global phenomenon, but what music are these people dancing to in these cities and what music did they use to dance to in the past? In what sort of spaces do they meet up? What public spheres do they form? What do these club cultures mean to the urbanity of a city? And what happens when the club music from two different continents meet head on? More...


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Okmalumkoolkat aka International Pansula aka Zulu Compura aka Futuremfana aka Mfanafuture aka Smartmompara aka Zuper Tsatsatsa aka Bhut'yangchaza aka Bhut'yang'washa. One half of Dirty Paraffin from Johannesburg.

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Dirty Paraffin & TEN CITIES
As one half of Dirty Paraffin, Okmalumkoolkat participated in the third TEN CITIES episode of musical collaboration, which took the renowned Ukrainian producers Vakula and Dubmasta from Kyiv to Johannesburg in February 2013. Further participants from Johannesburg were Planet Lindela, Moonchild, Tito Pulling Strings and an extended circle of musicians from South Africa. The South Africa phase was curated and facilitated by João Orecchia together with Berlin based producer Hannes Teichmann. Furthermore, in September 2013 Okmalumkoolkat partcipated in a special recording phase in Nairobi together with Rob Smith from Bristol and more musicians from Kenya.

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