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Whether it's in Nairobi or in Kyiv, in Bristol or in Cairo: in all the major cities of Africa and Europe, people get together in dedicated spaces to dance to music and party – and create communities, subcultures and public spheres. Club culture is a global phenomenon, but what music are these people dancing to in these cities and what music did they use to dance to in the past? In what sort of spaces do they meet up? What public spheres do they form? What do these club cultures mean to the urbanity of a city? And what happens when the club music from two different continents meet head on? More...


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Born in Naples in 1970 Marco began his career as a DJ at the Rookery Nook, Naples. In 1991 he became one of the leading figures of the famous hip-hop band the 99 Posse. From 2000 Marco started his solo career. In 2001 he worked creating soundtracks for the theatrical production, ‘Dentro la Tempesta’ (later released as a record titled “la Tempesta”). In 2003 with the duo Retina.It, he founded the independent label MousikeLab. A politically conscious artist, Marco has through the years collaborated with other politically motivated artists and groups among which include Speaker Cenzou, Papa J, Mandara, Dennis Bovell, Bala Perdita, 24 Grana, Peppe Voltarelli, Roy Pacy and Pino Daniele.

Selected Discography
99 Posse - Corto Circuito (RCA Italiana / 1998)
Nous (Meg & Marco Messina) - La Tempesta (Opinio Omnium (MousikeLab / 2007)
99 Posse - Cattivi Guagliuni (Novenove / 2011)

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Lucio Aquilina & TEN CITIES
The first TEN CITIES episode of musical collaboration took the renowned Italian DJs/producers Marco Messina and Lucio Aquilina from Naples to Luanda where they produced tracks together with DJeff, DJ Satelite, MC Sacerdote and an extended circle of musicians from Angola. The exchange for Luanda was curated by Angolan producer Otiniel Silva aka Mano and Berlin producer Andi Teichmann who facilitated the production phase.

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