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Einträge für Dienstag, 9. September 2008


Rory Maclean

Rory MacLean



Sa, 29.11.2014 08:43
Apologies again, dear readers. Despite our renewed efforts over the last 18 months, we have been unable to block t [...]
So, 22.06.2014 09:21
Apologies, dear readers. Despite our best efforts over the last year, we have been unable to block the 'intellige [...]
Margaret Davis zu Twelve Summer Walks (3)
Fr, 16.08.2013 10:15
Thanks for showing the "pregnant oyster". My grandfather (a building engineer in Berlin) was involved in its cons [...]
Di, 04.06.2013 20:42
That's a good point. I just cannot understand how Germans (or anyone else) could get so excited about a silly litt [...]
Mi, 29.05.2013 11:08
Sounds like such an interesting idea! Lovely way to really get back to nature - although I don't think I would man [...]
Margaret Davis zu I Love TXL
Mi, 15.05.2013 12:37
Would be great if Tegel could be saved. A much more uplifting place to arrive and in comparison Schoenefeld is gl [...]
Di, 07.05.2013 21:15
I LOVE Tegel, too! And I'm going to really miss it. Sure it's too small, but that's part of it's charm. And at lea [...]
Fr, 05.04.2013 19:40
Germany is just too big and strong now. Punkt. Ende. Aus. Being an American, I almost find this amusing at times. [...]


A provocative, personal blog on all that thrills, delights, haunts and infuriates the award-winning author Rory MacLean in the German capital, his new home.

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