Wall Newspaper


Wall Newspaper is a visual and informative media form that considers different social issues. The main goal of Wall Newspapers is to increase the visibility of the contents that critically assess the processes of neo-liberal capitalism, by producing sharp-cut texts and illustrations. We have perceived the form of a wall newspapers as a way of intervening in public space, that would have a greater effect on a broader public. Wall Newspaper was initiated in 2013, during the campaign Culture On Strike which was organised by the Association Independent Culture Scene of Serbia. Wall Newspaper is being distributed in a number cities of in Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.


Take a look behind the scenes: in the LAB, the artists are developing their projects online. Your contributions and comments to the work in progress are welcome!

  • #MICRORESIDENCY_ANKARA: KURS (Miloš Miletić and Mirjana Radovanović)

    3 November 2016 13:10 by ACTOPOLIS

    KURS Microresidency in Ankara. Photo by KURS
    At the invitation of Pelin Tan, curator of the Ankara/Mardin part of Actopolis, we spent seven days in Ankara, which provided us with an opportunity to meet other collectives and artists as well as to share experiences in our field of practice. We also had the opportunity to visit Istanbul on our way back to Belgrade and had a chance to see different art spaces there, that our partners from Ankara recommended we visit.

  • THE RUINS OF SAVAMALA - A CARNIVAL STAGE: The Role of Culture in Gentrification

    1 June 2016 16:23 by ACTOPOLIS

    Printed Wall newspaper. Marija Piroški © Goethe-Institut, 2016

    24th May, Actopolis apartment

    A public presentation and a discussion about the KURS Collective's new issue of Wall Newspaper took place. The issue titled ‘A Carnival Amidst Ruins’ features a comprehensive insight into developments in Belgrade’s Savamala district over the course of the past 5-10 years by Iskra Krstić, architect and member of the Ministarstvo prostora initiative. It addresses gentrification processes in the area, and puts forward that cultural production and the rise of creative industries have (un)willingly played a significant role in it.


    13 May 2016 13:54 by ACTOPOLIS

    NEW ISSUE OF WALL NEWSPAPER: A Carnival amidst Ruins. Copyright: KURS CollectiveThis year marks the 6th anniversary of KURS, participating artist collective of ACTOPOLIS BELGRADE. We took this occasion to chat with KURS members Mirjana Radovanović and Miloš Miletić about their benchmark project ‘Wall Newspaper’.




Actopolis-City: Belgrade

KURS (founded in 2010) is an organisation that examines wider social problems by means of artistic production. KURS acts through various visual forms, primarily through producing murals, illustrations, wall newspapers and video reports. The main aim of KURS is to produce educational and informative content framed by artistic language and presented in some form of artistic expression. Even though KURS is primarily associated with artistic production as a way of expression and articulation, in our work we also strive to join the political struggle and to bring about cooperation with left-orientated organisations.