Urban Defenders


This project focuses on the analogy of visual narratives of two generations that experienced urban conflicts at the beginning of 2000 and from 2015. The project will also present me as a subject. I lie in between these two generations that experienced eviction from our village, became nomadic and escaped to the city in order to live. The 90s generation faced the regional conflict and where evicted with fear now prefer to live in peace in the cities although there is still political pressure. The second generation forms the younger generation born to the evicted families who moved to the cities from the villages. This generation is not able to establish a connection with urban life because of their lack of cultural, economic and social capital. Moreover, they are frustrated by the socio-political pressure. This younger generation sees the urban space as a space of resistance. This research will reveal the differences and similarities between the two generations’ opinions on cities and aims to find out the potentialities for conflict and consensus between the two generations.


Seçkin Aydin

Seçkin Aydin

Actopolis-City: Ankara / Mardin

Seçkin Aydın, (1980) is a Kurdish artist and academic. He studied B.C. Painting, B.C. Sociology. MA: Art Educ., MFA: Costume and Textile Design. He has a Ph.D in Art, and he is studying for a PhD. in Media, Culture and Urban Studies. Seçkin Aydın works at Batman University as the head of the painting department. He is the President of the Mesopotamia Culture, Art and Thinking Association in Diyarbakir, and he directs Bat Art Lab in Batman.

In his works he mostly focuses on urbanism, disCommunication, collective memories, stories of civilians' survival strategies during the wars. He has participated in and curated many exhibitions, workshops, residencies and biennials in different countries. Some of his solo and curated exhibitions are about urbanism;

Solo exhibitions:
- 10/2012 "RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RE-RELOCALIZATION", Diyarbakir, Turkey.
- 04/2012 "Masters of Home, Masters of Exile", Berlin Germany.
- 06/2013 "Inspired By The City", Terni Italy.

Curated exhibitions:
- 09/2014 "Anonymous Lives", Batman, Turkey.
- 08/2012 "City as a Home", Polymer Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
- 112/2011 "In The Homy Space; Relocalization", Czech Republic.
- 05/2011 "Take Care of You", Diyarbakir, Turkey
- 01/2011 "Once Upon a Time At Home" Curator's Home. Diyarbakir, Turkey