A research project on combat areas, and creating a collective memory of people and action. This project will focus on research by investigating historical maps, territorial powers and the architecture of security and resistance. Conventional architectural methodologies always observe from a distance, but conventional representation methods could also be used to create lateral drawings and mental mappings. Over a period of time, through site visits, interviews and workshops, the project will have a base on the site, and all the drawings and media will be produced with this knowledge. The drawings will also be merged with geographical and cartographical information.


Yelta Köm

Yelta Köm

Actopolis-City: Ankara / Mardin

Yelta Köm was born in Istanbul in 1986 and is an architect, writer and curator based in Istanbul. He practises as a partner in KOTUstudio and is the co-founder of (Herkes Icin Mimarlik) Architecture For All. He studied architecture at Yildiz Technical University Istanbul, and also studied as an exchange student at Aristotle University Thessaloniki. He completed his post-graduate degree at Staedelschule Architecture Class, Frankfurt. He is a graduate student at Mardin Artuklu University,  Department of Architecture. www.yeltakom.com

Yelta Köm 's works focused on the theoretical discussion about architectural interventions in common spaces, geo-politics, architecture theory and contemporary urban problems related to communities. He is the coordinator and editor of the "#occupygezi architecture" project by Herkes Icin Mimarlik, which exhibited at the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial, Salt Istanbul, V&A Museum London, Adhocracy in Athens and ngbk Berlin. He curated the "Caution! Slippery Ground" exhibition about architectural culture, which was held in Istanbul Modern Art Museum. He organizes workshops with various communities and is currently coordinating the project in Diyarbakir, Narlica village. In 2014, his article "Taksim Square: A Spatial Narrative of the Perpetual Reconquista" was published in Urbane Interventionen Istanbul by Merve Verlag. Recently he has been the guest editor of Betonart Magazine for the summer 2015, which focused on contemporary architectural problems.