Spaces between
(living) places


Through a subjective perspective and phenomenology of transition of my own identity, brought out through an authentic personal experience of (economic) migration, and through a series of talks with other protagonists/incomers with a similar migrant agenda, the project Spaces Between (Living) Places (SBLP) will examine the process of constructing a sense of identity and belonging to a place /culture /class /community. Focusing on a universal phenomenology rather than (or derived from) individual stories, it will explore the space (SB) of wishes, hopes, expectations and imagined possibilities which drive a migrant’s shift between given geographical, economic, political and cultural coordinates (LP).


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  • Zagreb opens exhibition with basketball match

    4 September 2017 14:57 by ACTOPOLIS

    Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić
    A colorful, festive as well as sweaty programme characterized the exhibition opening at the Student Centre in Zagreb on June 8th 2017.

  • Opening of the Exhibition Spaces Between (Living) Places

    7 September 2016 12:57 by ACTOPOLIS

    Copyright: Goethe-Institut, Photographer: Ana Opalić Copyright: Goethe-Institut, Photographer: Ana OpalićCopyright: Goethe-Institut, Photographer: Ana Opalić Copyright: Goethe-Institut, Photographer: Ana Opalić
    At the opening of the exhibition Spaces Between (Living) Places by Tonka Maleković at the Student Centre gallery space in Zagreb.


Tonka Maleković

Tonka Maleković

Actopolis-City: Zagreb

Tonka Maleković graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2006. Since 2003 she has exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Croatia and abroad and realised a number of projects in the public space. She is a co-founding member of Loose Associations/association for contemporary art practices and a member of PUNKT/platform for culture empowerment. In 2012 she initiated a Hallway gallery LiberSPACE ‒ an outdoor gallery for ephemeral interventions. She is also a co-curator of a travelling educational and exhibition project City at the Second Glance/PUNKT.

The starting point for Tonka Maleković's work is the immediate surroundings, everyday reality. It is a search for potentials that arise from a conflictual relationship between prescribed templates imposed by our physical and social environment and organic, uncontrolled processes, along with their spontaneous patterns. She has a specific interest in cities, public space, urban anthropology and rural-urban relations. Works are realised in different media and are often participative actions or temporary interventions where she uses found material or builds symbolic relations between the given scenery and human figures.