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Seminar for Walkers


SEMINAR FOR WALKERS is an activist platform with the task of creating a new activist group that will participate in a number of unusual themed city walks open to the general public, with the goal of getting to know the urban space of Zagreb and identifying and starting both small and large-scale initiatives for its improvement.

CONNECTING: Within the programme one public space intervention will take place as a showcase of possible temporary improvements of public space through simple creative solutions. On the location of the wall dividing the public park and popular walkway in Zagreb’s historic Upper Town, a connection will be created in the form of a temporary staircase over the wall in order to open up the possibility of a direct pedestrian link between the park and the walkway. That link is currently missing.

The project in general – through themed walks and focused initiatives – contributes to possible public space improvements, launching new ideas, community organisation and developing concepts with the purpose of creating a fairer, more democratic and environmentally sustainable form of cities and urbanisation.


Take a look behind the scenes: in the LAB, the artists are developing their projects online. Your contributions and comments to the work in progress are welcome!

  • Zagreb opens exhibition with basketball match

    4 September 2017 14:57 by ACTOPOLIS

    Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić
    A colorful, festive as well as sweaty programme characterized the exhibition opening at the Student Centre in Zagreb on June 8th 2017.

  • INTERVIEW: Saša Šimpraga about the city and its possibilities

    18 May 2016 11:17 by ACTOPOLIS

    #INTERVIEW: Journalist Magdalena Došen of the Croatian website „H-ALTER“ talked to Saša Šimpraga about his temporary installation “Connecting – Povezivanje” that could be “walked upon” at the famous Strossmayer Promenade, from April 2nd to April 7th.

    "In order for a problem to be solved, it has to be made visible first. This is true for new ideas about our cities as well. I think that certain changes can even derive from discussions. Maybe not instantly, but each idea has to be articulated first, in order to be realised at a later stage. The city always has to be perceived along its possibilities." (Saša Šimpraga)

    The original version (in Croatian) can be retrieved here.

    A German translation of the interview was provided by Goethe-Insitut Kroatien and can be retrieved here.

  • Opening of Public Installation “Connecting – Povezivanje“

    11 May 2016 18:46 by ACTOPOLIS

    Saša Šimpraga on his installation
    On April 2nd 2016, Saša Šimpraga’s intervention “Povezivanje – Connecting” was opened at Zagreb’s famous Strossmayer Promenade. The installation serves as a showcase for possible temporary improvements in public space through simple but creative solutions. The opening was followed by the guided walk “Familiar and Unfamiliar Paths and Passages in the Lower Town of Zagreb”.


Saša Šimpraga

Saša Šimpraga

Actopolis-City: Zagreb

Saša Šimpraga is a space analyst, publicist and activist from Zagreb. He is the author of the book Zagreb, Public Space. In 2012 he founded 1POSTOZAGRAD (1percentforthecity), a volunteer platform dedicated to city improvements and commons. He has either funded or co-authored projects such as DOTRSCINA VIRTUAL MUSEUM, dedicated to innovative approaches in the culture of remembrance; MOTEL TROGIR, a project dealing with the modernist heritage; ARS PUBLICAE, devoted to art in the public space; and 50 POEMS FOR SNOW, an international no-budget poetry festival taking place each year on the first night of snow. He is also the author of a number of artistic interventions.
Ana Dana Beroš

Ana Dana Beroš

Actopolis-City: Zagreb

Ana Dana Beroš is a Croatian architect, exhibition designer, editor and curator. She graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture and has international professional experience.

Co-founder of the non-profit group ARCHIsquad, a division for architecture with conscience, and project coordinator of its educational programmes: "Out of Focus: Architecture of Giving" and "*urgentArchitecture", open architecture advisory centres for citizens. Winner of Merit Award in the Shinkenchiku competition in Japan, awarded by Jun Aoki in 2009. One of the initiators and board members of the THINK SPACE programme of conceptual architectural competitions and co-curator of its exhibition "Competitive Hypothesis" at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York in 2013. Author of many exhibition designs; her latest collaboration with the artist Erik van der Weijde was on display at Camera Austria, Graz, in 2015. Editor of Croatian magazine ORIS (interviews with Pritzker laureates Kazuyo Sejima of SAANA, Edouardo Souto de Moura and Peter Zumthor). Ana Dana Beroš has been recognised as an early-career architect and selected as finalist for the Wheelwright Prize awarded by Harvard University's GSD in 2014. Ana Dana Beroš received Special Mention for her curatorial-research project "Intermundia" at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition Fundamentals curated by Rem Koolhaas. Recently she started contributing as an author for Croatian Radio within the "Reality of Space" series of interviews on politics and poetics of space, with international architects, theorists and critics.