Case Study


Remont has existed since 1999 as an independent, self-organised structure. The most important thing which Remont staff had to work out in their practical work is to operate within an unstable, changeable, undefined environment and, at the very same time, to remain a support for many others.

Many layers of this unstable environment – geo-political, social, cultural, global, local, personal… lead to paradoxical everyday situations which require flexible reactions and sometimes truly personal decision-making. On this occasion we will try to depict and analyse paradoxical, blurred, grey-zone situations from our everyday working experience in some kind of open textual form or correspondence among actors.

  • Old floating cultural models in new environmental constellations are partly or totally non functional
  • Cultural initiatives and the public should find a way to overcome simple, prevalent consuming models
  • Everything can start by admitting and depicting invalid situations
  • Redefined needs and roles should lead to new, functional models


Take a look behind the scenes: in the LAB, the artists are developing their projects online. Your contributions and comments to the work in progress are welcome!

  • FUELED BY THE PEOPLE: Overcoming Precarious Conditions of Current Cultural Models

    29 May 2016 17:24 by ACTOPOLIS

    Miroslav Karić and Marija Radoš. Photo by Marija Piroški © Goethe-Institut, 2016

    26th May, Actopolis Apartment

    Marija Radoš and Miroslav Karić, curators and members of the independent artistic organization Remont, presented the project ‘Individual Case Study’. Their presentation also featured an exhibition of drawings by EmaEmaEma, Mario Kolarić, Andrej Bunuševac and Goran Stojčetović.


Marija Radoš & Miroslav Karić

Marija Radoš & Miroslav Karić

Actopolis-City: Belgrade

Marija Radoš (Belgrade, 1977). Graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, History of Art Department, Belgrade University 2005. Since 2005 has worked within Remont – an Independent Artistic Association based in Belgrade as art manager, curator, PR. Colaborated on many local, regional and international projects. Besides engagement in the Remont association she is also the author of several curatorial projects, exhibition texts, art selections and also a member of several artistic boards – Remont Gallery, Blok Gallery, Youth Cultural Center Belgrade, November Salon (Čačak)...

Miroslav Karic (1975) holds a BA in Art History from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2000) and since 2001 has been a secretary and curator at the Remont-Independent Art Association. Karic has been a member of the editorial team of Remont Art Magazine. During the period from 2004 – 2010 he regularly edited Exhibitions section in the monthly cultural guide Yellow Cab Belgrade. During the last fifteen years Karic has been professionally engaged as a curator, coordinator/organiser and PR specialist on contemporary art and cultural projects. Recent activities include: Art in Serbia since 2000, Donumenta festival, Regensburg; Ex-traordinary, collaborative exhibition project/ workshops with regional curators and artists in Kanjiza, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Podgorica; Sensing Realities (curatorial project with Sasa Janjic), Galerie B -312, Montreal