Low-Fi Video


The term Low-Fi Video (1997–2003) refers to the organised and coordinated production, distribution and presentation of film and video, whose models of production and representation, in continuity with Yugoslav cine-amateurism and in collaboration with the international micro-cinema movement, enabled the involvement of self-organised, amateur, vernacular production together with artistic production in the process of the production of a new language of alternative culture in Serbia. It explores the possibilities of enabling adequately the archive of theLow-Fi Video movement online, carefully developed to evoke the particular continuity of “radical amateurism” in SFR Yugoslavia but at the same time intervening within the context of the alternative culture of the 1990s in Serbia intensively intertwined with its contemporary media and political discourses, the online project Altarchive.org has accumulated a certain number of video pieces and initiated a contextualisation of the movement, by joining the video contributions from the Media Archaeology and Kosmoplovci groups. In order to increase the development of the Low-Fi Video archive capillary data management and evoke the emancipatory models of cinema revived by that movement in continuity with the cine-amateurism, the Media Archaeology team will organise a live two-day event which will gather members of the movement from its original period and new artists and activists who can offer their contemporary response to the ideas of the movement.


Aleksandra Sekulić & Ivica Djordjevic

Aleksandra Sekulić & Ivica Djordjevic

Actopolis-City: Belgrade

Aleksandra Sekulić: Ph.D. candidate in Theory of Art and Media, University of Arts, Belgrade. Master thesis: “Archiving as a Cultural Form: Creating Video Archives and Databases”. Programme director at the Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Belgrade. Member of the organisation Media Archaeology in Belgrade and cooperative of Kosmoplovci collective.

Ivica Djordjevic: Master candidate in Audio and Video Engineering at The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies, University of Belgrade. Video and film editor, as well as the author of numerous short films, some of which were awarded prizes. Member of the organisation Media Archaeology and the music band FBD. Former Technical Coordinator at the Alternative and Balkanima festivals in Belgrade.

Within the framework of the Media Archaeology platform, Aleksandra Sekulic and Ivica Djordjevic, together with their team colleagues, have realized a variety of programs and projects, among them are: Youth Culture in Yugoslavia, in 2011 with the National Television of Serbia; Voting Machine with BKV, 2011; Possibility of Choice, 2010, Nadezda Petrovic Memorial; Media Archaeology: The Nineties, 2008/9.