The Monster


There is a monster living in the new city. It resembles a giant lizard, but nobody knows, which species it belongs to. Sometimes, at night, it crawls up the Knappenhalde (mining heap). At other times it can be spotted in the pedestrian zone. People say, the monster lives in the city’s former mining shafts and tunnels. It embodies the uncanny, the sinister, ready to break forth at any given moment. And that is exactly why it has become one of the city’s major tourist attractions. Book a monster safari or buy a popular monster souvenir in the new city centre.

September 2, 7:30pm, Monster Safari by bicycle, from City Centre
September 8, 6pm, Monster Barbecue at In Hostel Veritas
September 8, 7:30pm, Monster Safari by foot, from In Hostel Veritas

Register via or directly in the City Centre


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  • Anybody See the Monster?

    16 September 2016 10:56 by ACTOPOLIS

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Fotos aus Actopolis_c_Daniel Ladnar/Urbane Künste Ruhr 2016
    Lars Moritz gifted the city its very own monster. Visitors could book monster safaris in the city center, while monster souvenirs proved to be a hot seller. Word has it, the monster has since moved on. You would have needed to see it to believe it.

    Watch the video here.


    30 August 2016 13:05 by ACTOPOLIS

    On the 31st of August 2016, Actopolis Oberhausen curators will get rid of the old city to make space for a new one. Find out what follows on the eleven days after their Destruction Workshop in the programme of We Are Building a New City!


Lars Moritz

Lars Moritz

Actopolis-City: Oberhausen

Lars Moritz lives in Vienna and works as a performance artist and artistic researcher of everyday life. He is an assistant in the department for Architecture | Urbanism at the University of Arts in Linz (A). He runs the co-working space Ver:schwender in Vienna.

Lars Moritz founded the Institute for Research of the Everyday as a platform for artistic research and direct action. Research projects, installations and performances of the institute have been presented in different countries and various locations, from theatres to motorway service areas. In 2014 he created the Neighbourhood National Park in Vienna, the first national park in an inner city area. Together with performance artist Otmar Wagner he invented the news journal AKTION AKTUELL as a mixture of TV and performance art. These and other projects work with the idea of radical infotainment and new ways of producing and presenting knowledge. As part of he creates internet series based on a strategy called soapification.