The activist research explores the possibility of the realisation of the mural about class relations and class struggle in the neighbourhood of Kamendin in the suburb of Zemun polje, where large numbers of poor people, particularly Roma families, live in social-housing apartments.

The research and documentary approach is focused both on relations towards problems of class society on the capitalist periphery and on communal or institutional capacities for the realisation of a critical political work in the public space. The idea will be discussed with the inhabitants of Kamendin, local authorities and the institutions in charge of social housing.


Nebojša Milikić and Tadej Kurepa

Nebojša Milikić and Tadej Kurepa

Actopolis-City: Belgrade

Nebojša Milikić: Cultural worker, researcher and activist. Involved in organisational, artistic and curatorial practice in visual and socially engaged arts. Participates in research projects and activist campaigns. Occasionally writes about cultural and artistic production. Works in the Cultural Center Rex in Belgrade, as the initiator and coordinator of the debate programmes.

Tadej Kurepa: Journalist from Belgrade. He is Coordinator the Cultural Center REX and works on projects "Who Builds the City", "Speech programs" and “Corners of Europe”. His professional interests are media, publishing, cultural theory and the theory of ideology. The area of his closest interest is political cinema and film in general as means of political communication. (http://politfilm.com)