The sound installation “Gutehoffnungsgeister” makes reference to what could be sites of historical and cultural importance in Oberhausen: to the “Neue Mitte” (new city centre) and to “Sterkrade”.
The “Gutehoffnungshütte” in Oberhausen with its iron works and steel industries was once one of the most important engineering companies in Europe, and the iron works “Gute Hoffnung” in Oberhausen-Sterkrade gave the whole company its name. As the steel era came to an end after almost 240 years, the former site of the company became a recreational area and shopping mall, which was also designed as the new city centre (“Neue Mitte”) for Oberhausen. While the old city centre is dying, the “Neue Mitte” today draws millions of visitors and tourists from outside of Oberhausen. An electroacoustic composition will be audible in the sound installation. This composition will be based on sound recordings made in the different amusement facilities of the “Neue Mitte” (e.g. SeaLife Aquarium, Legoland Discovery Centre, …), but also at the fair in Sterkrade, which is known as one of the biggest street fairs in Europe. The installation is a kind of acoustic “ghost train” accentuating the old city centre’s atmosphere of abandonment and uselessness.


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    30 August 2016 13:05 by ACTOPOLIS

    On the 31st of August 2016, Actopolis Oberhausen curators will get rid of the old city to make space for a new one. Find out what follows on the eleven days after their Destruction Workshop in the programme of We Are Building a New City!


Denise Ritter

Denise Ritter

Actopolis-City: Oberhausen

Denise Ritter is a sound artist working internationally in the field of sound installation and electro-acoustic music. After graduating with a diploma in geography, she studied audiovisual art as a master-class student with Christina Kubisch. The artist lives in the Ruhr area and her work has been awarded several grants.

Denise Ritter realises electroacoustic sound installations and sculptures which are mostly site-specific and always use precisely composed electro-acoustic pieces made of field recordings and concrete noise recordings. For the Industrial / Musique concrète pieces of her CD releases aka "Schachtanlage Gegenort" she makes sound recordings of the coal mining and iron and steel industries. In 2013 she initiated the global participatory sound art project "small world wide".