Full range society is an algorithmic composition shaped according to the structure of the society to which it relates. The subject of research can be a particular unit, whether a neighbourhood, city, state or region. The work will be presented as an interactive audio-visual installation in one of the abandoned tunnels in the city of Zagreb. The work involves the research and analysis of statistical demographic data and the definition of main parameters that are universally applicable for generating composition, programming web applications and the design of the web site.


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  • Zagreb opens exhibition with basketball match

    4 September 2017 14:57 by ACTOPOLIS

    Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić
    A colorful, festive as well as sweaty programme characterized the exhibition opening at the Student Centre in Zagreb on June 8th 2017.




Actopolis-City: Zagreb

Bojan Gagić is a multimedia artist working internationally in the sphere of sound art and field recordings. Parallell to working as a technical director for theatre, film and music festivals (Eurokaz, Dance Week Festival, Zagreb Film Festival, Queer Festival, World Theatre Festival), Gagić publishes his poetry in literary magazines. His work also includes music for short experimental films, together with light and sound design for many theatre plays. Gagić is the author of four short experimental films (ties/structures/ambients — in the collection of Academia Cravatica; Richter’s View — in the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; Poet in New York and Dissection). He is the co-founder of the Zagreb platform for new sound expressions Sinelinea.

Miodrag Gladović is an engineer in electroacoustics, a musician, music producer and multimedia artist. As a musician he is heavily involved in the underground music scene. Based on DIY ethics Gladović co-founded the independent record label Moonlee Records. Since 2010 his work has been more related to experimental and improvised music and multimedia art. Gladović performs solo with his audio-visual project “Packmess GP” (Grains & Particles), exploring new forms of musical expression.

LIGHTUNE.G is the name under which multimedia artist Bojan Gagić and electroacoustic engineer Miodrag Gladović started their first luminoacoustic research in 2011. The name originates from the first experiment in conversion of light produced by theatre spotlights into sound: LIGHT / LIGHT + MELODY / TUNE + TONE G/50Hz. It is a unique and self-developed technique, which they named luminoacoustics, and for which LIGHTUNE.G won the Third Prize at the Guthman New MusicalInstrument Competition in Atlanta in 2012.