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The starting point of the documentary-analytical artwork proposed, intends to treat the inherent instability of institutional memory in the case study of Serbian cultural institutions.

The production of the term “memory” will be traced over its twofold position: its disappearance, dependent on impermanent social structures – personal, generationally-structured memory,and the effects of the process of economic and digital rot, eroding the pre-digital, pre-liberal cultural institutions in Serbia. The counterpoint to these processes framing the impermanence of culture will be the investment in the structuring of theSerbian national narrative through projections of dominant socio/economic narratives by investors – national and international bodies, by charting their shifting focus and goals.


Nikola Radić Lucati

Nikola Radić Lucati

Actopolis-City: Belgrade

Nikola Radić Lucati is an artist who has been exhibiting regularly since 1994. He taught multimedia art at Bezalel Academy of Fine Arts in Jerusalem and photography at the Camera Obscura and Kalisher colleges in Tel Aviv.

He explores the intersections of history, human rights and culture through prisms of photography, text and installation. Has focused his recent work on the issues of Holocaust history and remembrance as the right to minority self-interpretation and representation.