druga scena


druga scena / other scene was among the first self-organised networks of organisations and individuals who were active in the field of contemporary arts. Its creation came as a response to the then articulated cultural policies of the first post-Milosevic governments and their clear liberal orientation.

druga scena, based in Belgrade, was gathered around regular critical discussions on the current policies and processes, claiming the space for the independent scene. This research will try to uncover reasons for the deletion from the public memory of druga scena and will found its arguments in the ideology shift in the early 2000s in Serbia.


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  • TO BE CONTINUED...'Druga Scena’ Initiative: Memory vs. Legacy

    25 May 2016 15:40 by ACTOPOLIS

    ‘Druga scena’ text in print. Marija Piroški © Goethe-Institut, 2016
    20th May, Actopolis Apartment

    Marijana Cvetković from the initiative Stanica has produced a very compelling piece of writing about the phenomenon of Druga Scena, one of the first self-organized umbrella platforms. The organization was active in Belgrade between 2005 and 2012. It brought together a number of individuals and groups that were dedicated to the critical analysis and political assessment of the predominantly neoliberal processes, along with the distortion of collective memory, that occurred in Serbian society during that time. In the post-Milošević era, a collective endeavour espousing a leftist political agenda was a rarity. Their goal to overcome denominators such as art and culture, and work within a wider social context.


Marijana Cvetkovic

Marijana Cvetkovic

Actopolis-City: Belgrade

Cultural worker and activist. Co-founder of Station Service for contemporary dance and Nomad Dance Academy, a Balkan platform for the development of contemporary dance and the performing arts. Lecturer at the University of Arts in Belgrade. Works with museums. Publishes texts and edits books on dance, performing arts, cultural policy and museums.

Cvetkovic’s main interests are in the fields of independent culture, contemporary performing arts, museum studies and cultural policy. All these fields are approached through critical theory and practice, institutional critique and transdisciplinarity.