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Communities of care is an experiment-based workshop, designed for neighbourhood communities, committed to invent, engineer and share tools for everyday use that can help overcome a specific obstacle generated by the system (legal status & migration, marital status, labour conditions, systemic violence conducted by bureaucracy, legislation and the concept of state and nation, institutionalisation of rights, etc.). In order to go beyond what is possible we have to go further than what is currently imaginable, or even legal. In other words, we are invited to devise our political imagination beyond obedience.
In Communities of care, inhabitants of Folnegovićevo naselje in Zagreb will be invited to devise a site-specific intervention in their neighbourhood – an exchange space, organised as a temporary autonomous zone. Residents and other community members will be invited to contribute to this newly established autonomous space by exhibiting, sharing and exchanging items of solidarity (as peers to peers).


Take a look behind the scenes: in the LAB, the artists are developing their projects online. Your contributions and comments to the work in progress are welcome!

  • Zagreb opens exhibition with basketball match

    4 September 2017 14:57 by ACTOPOLIS

    Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana OpalićFotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić Fotos © Ana Opalić
    A colorful, festive as well as sweaty programme characterized the exhibition opening at the Student Centre in Zagreb on June 8th 2017.

  • Noa Treister and Vahida Ramujkić about their microresidency in Zagreb

    9 June 2016 15:06 by ACTOPOLIS

    Our short visit to Zagreb took place as part of the «Communities of Care« project workshop led by the artist Selma Banich and together with Marija Borovičkić, Mila Čuljak, Ivana Rončević and Ana Vilenica. The intervention occurred in the to us unknown city district of Folnegović. This presented an opportunity for us to become acquainted, from the croatian perspective with today’s housing difficulty which developed during the discontinuity of the socialist model of society and housing policy, also well known in Serbia.

  • Mobile research camper set up in Zagreb's Folka neighbourhood for Communities of Care project

    11 May 2016 18:43 by ACTOPOLIS

    Communities of Care Group
    Artists and cultural workers Selma Banich, Marija Borovičkić, Mila Čuljak, Ivana Rončević and Ana Vilenica started with the research phase of the Communities of Care workshop project in Zagreb's Folka neighbourhood.


Ana Dana Beroš

Ana Dana Beroš

Actopolis-City: Zagreb

Ana Dana Beroš is a Croatian architect, exhibition designer, editor and curator. She graduated from the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture and has international professional experience.

Co-founder of the non-profit group ARCHIsquad, a division for architecture with conscience, and project coordinator of its educational programmes: "Out of Focus: Architecture of Giving" and "*urgentArchitecture", open architecture advisory centres for citizens. Winner of Merit Award in the Shinkenchiku competition in Japan, awarded by Jun Aoki in 2009. One of the initiators and board members of the THINK SPACE programme of conceptual architectural competitions and co-curator of its exhibition "Competitive Hypothesis" at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York in 2013. Author of many exhibition designs; her latest collaboration with the artist Erik van der Weijde was on display at Camera Austria, Graz, in 2015. Editor of Croatian magazine ORIS (interviews with Pritzker laureates Kazuyo Sejima of SAANA, Edouardo Souto de Moura and Peter Zumthor). Ana Dana Beroš has been recognised as an early-career architect and selected as finalist for the Wheelwright Prize awarded by Harvard University's GSD in 2014. Ana Dana Beroš received Special Mention for her curatorial-research project "Intermundia" at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition Fundamentals curated by Rem Koolhaas. Recently she started contributing as an author for Croatian Radio within the "Reality of Space" series of interviews on politics and poetics of space, with international architects, theorists and critics.
© Nikola Predović
Selma Banich

Selma Banich

© Nikola Predović
Actopolis-City: Zagreb

Selma Banich is a performance artist who lives and works in Zagreb. She has authored a series of artworks, created independently or in collaboration with other artists, groups, and initiatives. She uses the medium of dance performance, performance art and action in the public space, both on film and in the theatre, and at the same time is engaged in the field of non-formal education and practice-based research. While conceiving and presenting her own work, she strives to give priority to ethics over aesthetics, empathy over utopia, art making over politics, and nature over society, thus expanding the context for further learning, creativity and participation in the organisation of labour.

Selma Banich is the co-founder and programme coordinator of ekscena, a prize-winning platform for education and research in the performing arts. She is an author, artistic collaborator and performer with OOUR, a Zagreb-based collaborative performance group and TRAFIK, a Rijeka-based theatre group, a member of the First International Institute for Disaster and Chaos and a performer with Every House Has A Door, a Chicago-based performance group. When not working in theatre, she lives a simple life as a lover of nature, mankind and web 2.0.