#MICRORESIDENCY_ANKARA: KURS (Miloš Miletić and Mirjana Radovanović)

KURS Microresidency in Ankara. Photo by KURS
At the invitation of Pelin Tan, curator of the Ankara/Mardin part of Actopolis, we spent seven days in Ankara, which provided us with an opportunity to meet other collectives and artists as well as to share experiences in our field of practice. We also had the opportunity to visit Istanbul on our way back to Belgrade and had a chance to see different art spaces there, that our partners from Ankara recommended we visit.
The plan for our micro-residency was to discover Ankara’s cultural scene, to establish contacts for potential future collaborations and to present our artistic contribution to the Actopolis project.

Shortly before embarking on our trip to Ankara we completed an issue of ‘Wall Newspaper’, entitled “A Carnival Amidst Ruins”. This issue was realized in collaboration with Iskra Krstić, Architect and PhD candidate of Culture and Media Studies at the Faculty of Political Science at Belgrade University. The work questions how cultural production, in particular creative industries, backed by international foundations, serve the aim of privatization of culture.

KURS Microresidency in Ankara. Photos by KURS

During our stay we had several interesting meetings with members of Solfasol and the Asi Keçi collective, the director of SALT Ulus and several other artists. We also got to visit contemporary art centres and well-known museums in Ankara as well as the old town and Ankara Castle. The old part of town and fortress were very important stops for us because they helped us recognize the processes of urban transformation taking place in this part of Ankara, as it changes from poor neighbourhood to tourist attraction.

Our meeting with members of the collective that publishes Ankara’s monthly Solfasol newspaper was a chance for us to speak about different ways of production and to compare our mutual experience in this field. Their ways of self-financing and organizing were very interesting for us since we too are currently trying to think about alternative methods of production.

Next, our meeting with the Asi Keçi collective presented us with an opportunity to share our experiences in collective work and discuss previous projects. Members of Asi Keçi suggested that try to develop a joint project on a mutual topic of interest. So the next steps are to continue our communication on collaborative work and to develop the project idea.

KURS Microresidency in Ankara. Photos by KURS

We were very interested in meeting Aslı Alpar, the director of SALT Ulus. She explained to us, how the independent art spaces function in Ankara. We also had the chance to present our work to her, including the Wall Newspapers, made as part of the Actopolis project.

In conclusion, we believe these micro-residencies can be very beneficial to artists and their cultural works. Even more so, when they last for a couple of days, so that artists have an opportunity to meet new people, exchange ideas and share their experience. This is very important for making new connections that can result in new collaborations, which are great for cultural production. And finally, this was also a good way to increase our project’s overall visibility in the other participating Actopolis cities.

Text and photos by
Miloš Miletić and Mirjana Radovanović

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