Programme cards, Copyright: Marija Piroški © Goethe-InstitutVahida Ramujkić, Copyright: Marija Piroški © Goethe-InstitutAleksandra Sekulić, Copyright: Marija Piroški © Goethe-InstitutNoa Treister, Copyright: Marija Piroški © Goethe-InstitutAudience, Copyright: Marija Piroški © Goethe-Institut
On April 20th, at the library of the Goethe-Institut Belgrade, Belgrade’s edition of the ACTOPOLIS project called “FORMALLY INFORMAL. Belgrade Self-organized Cultural Production” was launched with an evening of presentations and a discussion focusing on the phenomenon of the non-institutional cultural scene in Serbia. The event was moderated by Mirjana Boba Stojadinović, project curator, who for the first time gathered 12 (out of 14) project participants and a capacity audience.
The presentation and conversation mainly dealt with the meaning and implications of big scale international projects such as ACTOPOLIS for the local community of artists and social or cultural activists participating in ACTOPOLIS Belgrade.

“I looked for individuals rather than projects,” the Belgrade curator stated on how she selected the ACTOPOLIS Belgrade participants, opting for those “who I strongly believed would be able to share different perspectives on the reality we all live in, and perhaps create something which would reveal the situation of heterogeny we find ourselves in.”

Although the time for discussion eventually turned out to be scarce, important issues were raised about the context in which ACTOPOLIS takes place and several lines of discussion were left for further elaboration. Some of them concerned the delicate bond and power relation between a national institution such as Goethe-Institut Belgrade and a project gathering independent cultural workers aiming to, among other things, critically assess the so-called transitional and now predominantly neoliberal context of Serbia in which they both act.

The ACTOPOLIS BELGRADE participants include individual artists and collectives with national and international reputation as artists and activists: Aleksandar Nikolić, Aleksandra Sekulić and Ivica Đorđević, Anica Vučetić, Gradska Gerila/City-Guerilla, Irena Ristić, KURS Art Association, Marijana Cvetković, Mariela Cvetić, Marija Radoš and Miroslav Karić (Remont), Nebojša Milikić and Tadej Kurepa, Nikola Radić Lucati, U10 Art Collective, Urban Incubator, Vahida Ramujkić and Treister Noa.

The “FORMALLY INFORMAL” productions will take place in both public and private places: using alternative cultural venues as well as public spaces, and some of the works will be presented in an apartment, a private space ‘conquered’ particularly for the purposes of the ACTOPOLIS BELGRADE project. The programme for the month of May 2016 offers a wide range of public events.

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