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Welcome to the Goethe-Institut CityScapes Blog.

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From January through December 2011, these were the parameters for a playground of diverse, fascinating, vibrant tales: Responding individually to a collective impetus, a host of hand-picked young bloggers uploaded photos, texts, and multimedia. Every month, they were given a new theme. Step by step, they created a kaleidoscope of impressions, opinions, ideas and… plain fun.

This project has now ended. If you like what you see, you may want to check out the brand new
CityTales Comic Blog.


This project was coordinated and moderated by Goethe-Institut Australia


For more information and monthly articles highlighting some blog entries, please visit:

Goethe-Institut Australia
CityScapes Blog

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City Links:

Kuala Lumpur

Culture 360 – "Connecting Asia and Europe Through Arts and Culture"

CityScapes @ APUF

In June 2011, a selection of CityScapes bloggers attended the Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF) in Bangkok, reporting live for the UN through CityScapes.

CLICK HERE to read, see, and watch what was happening behind the scenes at this conference.


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Sat, 24.12.2011 18:15
Wow!! Great pix Max. Love the colour, emotion and movement i n your photos. You sometimes f orget about the multi-cu [...]
Mon, 19.12.2011 07:10
is that first pic taken in sin gapore? if yes, where?
Mon, 19.12.2011 00:29
very interesting. I had a grea t time in Singapore last WE. b ook shopping, strolling time i n botanical garden and a [...]
Thu, 08.12.2011 08:31
Hey Sahar, I use a Marantz PMD661. It's a bit of a brick , but super easy to use and ha s great sound quality. [...]
Pattarasuda about Dear Traffic,....
Tue, 06.12.2011 11:43
Thank you for both feedbacks : D
Mon, 05.12.2011 06:29
Hi Jennifer, It's Sahar her e from Auckland. What kind of recording equipment, and softw are do you use? Your aud [...]
farid rakun about Dear Traffic,....
Thu, 01.12.2011 07:30
+ 1 me on the laughing part… T hanks!

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